After Care For Your H&CO Hair Extensions

How to Brush Your Hair Extensions

Tools: Hairluxx&Co Detangling brush is perfect for hair extensions recommended


Method: Separate into two sections left side/right side, start by brushing out any tangles by working your way up the hair to the roots with Hairluxx&co detangling brush.


Frequency: Every Morning and night


How to Wash Your Hair Extensions

Tools: Hairluxx&Co detangling brush & shampoo, conditioner with no sulphate, Paraben and no over use of protein products 


Method: Brush your hair thoroughly before you wash it. Make sure that when showering you don’t have the shower pressure on full force. Wet your hair and shampoo in a downwards motion. Massage your scalp in-between the Hair extensions with your fingertips. Ensure that you rinse all of the shampoo out to prevent residue from building up. Then add the conditioner through your lengths. Rinse the conditioner out, pat dry with a towel to remove excess water. Add a heat protector or leave-in moisture product if you are planning to blow-dry. Moisturise then Air dry first, then blow dry or use irons on hair extensions. Recommended to brush on dry hair to eliminate any breakage.


Tip: Mix some water with conditioner in a spray bottle and spray your hair extensions through the mid-to lengths before you wash your hair extensions; this will help prevent over drying from frequent washes.


Styling Your Hair Extensions

Tools: Hairluxx&Co detangling brush Mermade crocodile clips, heat protection product, hot curling or iron wand, etc.


Method: Use heat protection products first to protect your natural hair and extensions from potential wear and tear and heat damage. Avoid using hairspray. Always ensure that your hair is 100 percent dry before applying any heat tools or brushing. Use clips to neatly work on individual sections at a time. Style as desired, curl, crimp, straighten, blow-dry etc…


Tip: Avoid holding heat near the tapes at the roots of your hair for too long.


Sleeping with Hair Extensions

Tools: Hair tie & detangling hairbrush. A silk pillowcase is advised.


Method: Brush your hair, put it in a plait to sleep. You can also sleep with a silk pillowcase which will help prevent matting because of the smooth surface.


Tip: Never go to bed with wet hair.


Dyeing Your Hair with Extensions

You can colour your hair with the extensions attached. Dyeing your roots, or running a full semi-permanent colour through the hair is usually fine. The most important rule is we don’t recommend lightening your extensions. If you do decide too your hair extensions will become dry and slight tangle, keep hair extensions conditioned. Extra TLC is required with extensions 


Tip: If you want to dye your hair while wearing extensions, try to arrange it just before your maintenance is due. Dyeing your hair can often cause hair Tape extension to slip, so you should schedule the colouring in time with maintenance to avoid slippage.


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